My #GenConOnline Events

I'm doing a couple things for #GenCon Online this year. There will be a short clip of me talking about INDG during the opening session. Using Tabletop Gaming for Charity Fundraising Friday 1:30pm - 3:00pm CDT/2:30pm - 4:00pm EDT “Using Tabletop Gaming for Charity Fundraising” is open to EVERYONE! When viewing the page you may … Continue reading My #GenConOnline Events

My #PAXUnplugged 2019 Schedule!

My PAX Unplugged Schedule - 2019 edition! Also, I Need Diverse Games is back in the Diversity Lounge! This year we're going to have an exclusive D20 pin designed and made by Geekify, Inc to purchase! All proceeds keeps INDG alive and kicking. Pins will be $15, cash or card accepted. Not Having Racism in … Continue reading My #PAXUnplugged 2019 Schedule!

My #PAXUnplugged 2018 schedule

My PAX Unplugged panel schedule so far... Not Having Racism in Your Campaign, Settings, or Table Friday 1:30 pm Leviathan Theatre Tabletop is growing and expanding, and with it there’s an increased need for diversity at the table. Let’s talk frankly about why racism at the table shouldn’t be a thing you do as a … Continue reading My #PAXUnplugged 2018 schedule

My #PAXDev & #PAXWest 2018 Schedule

Here you go, here's where you can find me at PAX Dev & PAX West 8/28-9/3 I'm on one panel at PAX Dev  Interrogating Your Aspirations - Tuesday 8/28 3:45 pm Fifth Avenue Room Are your inspirations saying more about your work than you mean? Are tired tropes dropping decades of baggage in your game? … Continue reading My #PAXDev & #PAXWest 2018 Schedule

My @BlerdConDC schedule!

My next convention I'm paneling at is BlerdCon in VA. Here's where you can find me on panels that weekend of July 27-29, 2018 Friday July 27th How to Stream Your Tabletop Sessions - Friday 5:30 to 6:30 pm Tabletop sessions are full of “you had to be there” roleplaying moments, so why not share them as … Continue reading My @BlerdConDC schedule!

My final #PAXEast 2018 schedule!

Here's my final PAX East schedule! I Need Diverse Games will also be in the Diversity Lounge once more, hours 10am-6pm April 5, 6, 7 & 8.   "How to Network When You're Awkward as H*ck" April 5th, Bumblee Theatre, 1pm  It's advice you'll get over and over again about breaking into the industry: network! It's … Continue reading My final #PAXEast 2018 schedule!

Wooo PAX Dev and PAX West is next week!

              I'm doing all the things! Including speaking at PAX Dev and PAX West next week and co-sponsoring an event with Blacks at Xbox! If you want to catch panels I'm on, here's my full schedule for PAX  Dev (both panels are on 8/29) and then PAX West panels … Continue reading Wooo PAX Dev and PAX West is next week!

Final @PAX West schedule!

Here's my final panel schedule for PAX West, which is next week! EEP! If you don't see me running around from panel to panel, then I'll be at the I Need Diverse Games table in the Diversity Lounge. As always, have a handy, 100% free guide to interacting with me in meat space at conventions.  … Continue reading Final @PAX West schedule!

My @ConvergenceCON Schedule

So next week (OMG how did the time fly?!) I will be an Invited Guest at CONVergence! I've got a light schedule of panels (thank you Sigrid & Programming!) but I'll be there Thursday (6/30) - Monday (7/4) and these are the panels I'll be on: Resetting the Default - Friday July 1, 12:30 pm, … Continue reading My @ConvergenceCON Schedule

Updated guide to interacting with me at conventions

Have one handy guide to interacting with me at conventions, totally 110% free of charge. Overall I am pretty friendly but I do not like strangers touching me, especially my hair. If you try to pet my hair or touch my locs without express permission or invitation it will not end well for you. So … Continue reading Updated guide to interacting with me at conventions

OMG @GaymerX isn’t that far away! – Updated schedule

Ahh GaymerX isn't that far off! I am now on five panels, and that is IT, no more panels for me so I can actually go to panels at my first GX3. <3 Here's what I'll be on, and I'll be there LATE Wednesday 10/9/15 - Monday 10/14/2015. If anyone wants to meet up while … Continue reading OMG @GaymerX isn’t that far away! – Updated schedule