The lovely Ashley Barry invited me and a few other people to panel her on “How I got into Games Journalism” at PAXEast.

The panel will be at 11:30 am Saturday, April 23rd in the Bobcat Theatre.

Are you interested in writing about games or pop culture? Do you have a unique perspective? Do you want to see yourself represented in games? Join the writers from The Mary Sue and other pop culture sites for a riveting discussion on breaking into the niche field of games writing, dealing with constructive criticism, operating in the public sphere of digital publishing, tackling uncomfortable/controversial topics, and more.


Ashley Barry [Founder, Hyrule Hyrulia]
Tanya DePass [Founder, #INeedDiverseGames]
Jillian Gorry [Founder, FemHype]
Jessica Lachenal [Assistant Editor, The Mary Sue]

The second panel I’ll be on was proposed by Butterfly Samurai (her twitter handle)

“Diversity in Gaming: Equality For All!” on Saturday April 23rd at 7:30 pm in the Cuttlefish Theatre

Gaming is growing. As it grows, people from all walks of life are picking up controllers and joining social communities. Join I Need Diverse Games, Ablegamers, and GaymerX as they discuss creating safe spaces for gamers online and off. These brands are devoted to diversity in gaming whether it’s for Women of Color, the LGBT community, or gamers with disabilities. The panel is moderated by gaming professionals Butterfly Samurai and Vballinchick.

Panelists include:

Jessica Green [Founder/Editor in Chief,]
Steven Spohn [COO, Ablegamers ]
Tanya DePass [Founder/community manager, I Need Diverse Games]
Matt Conn [President , GaymerX]
Sarah Gordan [Moderator, N/a]