My @OrcaCon Schedule

Oh hey OrcaCon is this weekend! Here's my panel schedule y'all. Saturday, January 12th 10:00 am Better Realism for Better Worlds: We Did the Research for You I don't want to hear about how arm-chair "realistic" it is to default to miss-recorded Western medieval standards of race, gender, sexuality. This panel dissects the 101 History … Continue reading My @OrcaCon Schedule

Off to Big Bad Con, then TwitchCon next week!

In a few hours I'll be headed back to Cali, Cali... I'm only on one panel, ONE! for Big Bad Con, the rest of my time will be spent rolling dice, meeting cool folks (hopefully) and seeing old friends. If you're around the con, I'm on "You Don't Look Like a Geek" Friday at 8pm … Continue reading Off to Big Bad Con, then TwitchCon next week!

Wooo PAX Dev and PAX West is next week!

              I'm doing all the things! Including speaking at PAX Dev and PAX West next week and co-sponsoring an event with Blacks at Xbox! If you want to catch panels I'm on, here's my full schedule for PAX  Dev (both panels are on 8/29) and then PAX West panels … Continue reading Wooo PAX Dev and PAX West is next week!

My Updated @GXAustralia schedule!

In a couple days I head over to Sydney Australia for the second, and sadly last GX Australia. 🙁 We're gonna make it a great time despite that y'all. I also promise not to fall for the whole Drop Bears thing 😉 Anyway, here's my schedule for GX Australia, panels and talks in the auditorium … Continue reading My Updated @GXAustralia schedule!

.@OrcaCon is in a few days!

Ahhh it's finally almost here! OrcaCon is this weekend in Everett, WA! It's my first time being a Guest of Honor and I'm super excited.  Here's my schedule: Friday, January 13th, 2017 AVOIDING RACE FAIL AT YOUR TABLE – 8:00 PM A brief primer aimed at players in case they want to RP a character … Continue reading .@OrcaCon is in a few days!

Survived my first(?) PAX West (cross post from Patreon)

(originally posted on 6 September on my Patreon) So I did the thing, all the things at PAX West this year. Apparently it's the first year it's being called West instead of Prime in an official capacity. So I was on six panels! Four of them in one day and survived. if I ever, ever … Continue reading Survived my first(?) PAX West (cross post from Patreon)

Updated convention stuff

So I'm on a couple more GaymerX panels and GeekGirlCon is less than two weeks away! GeekGirlCon - Seattle, WA October 10 & 11, 2015 "Stealing White People's Superheroes" Sunday October 11th, 2pm, Room 301/302 Just Added: "Ladies Who Let’s Play" Saturday, October 10th, 1:30 pm Room LL2  GaymerX - San Jose, CA December 11 … Continue reading Updated convention stuff

A photo post re: Japan trip in 2007

For those that don't read my LJ or don't have access to it... I was in Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan from 25 November through 12 December to accompany one of our short term travel courses. It was a good, bad and humbling experience in many ways. Kyoto's leaves were turning and this brought many … Continue reading A photo post re: Japan trip in 2007