For the edification of the few dumbasses who still want to claim.. but I didn’t know (insert phrase/imagery/well known historical fact) had a racist connotation! Really!!!! Here’s some facts for you:

1. Watermelons + black folks = RACIST IMAGERY Saying you had no idea? Makes you out to be a dumbass racist, or at the very least a total dumbass who doesn’t know any history.

2. Monkeys + black folks = RACIST IMAGERY For example.. the now infamous Delonas cartoon in that rag the NY Post

3. Calling a grown man or woman boy, gal, or anything other than their names… racist you fuckwads. Example: McCain calling Obama “That One” during the 2nd debate

4. Wearing blackface… NOT OK, NOT OK, NOT FUCKING OK. It wasn’t ok when it was an accepted form of “entertainment” and it sure as fuck isn’t OK now. Just don’t do it (I’m looking at you JAPAN)

5. Tossing around images of Nooses, bonus points for throwing in the words lynch, lynching, lynchmob. In case you need an example.. the photoshopped piece that went around suggesting a “solution” to the Obama problem.

6. Lots of verbiage that should just stop being used. Nigger obviously, porchmonkey and its variants… coon, coon dog, and the phrase knowing your place. Doing it for a laugh or trying to say well black say it why can’t I will get you a bitchslap for your troubles.

Anything I’m missing?

2 thoughts on “A note to those who want to claim.. but I didn’t know it was racist!

  1. What’s really sad is how is always a joke when it’s against people of color. For example, I could very easily call White people cave people, and I could back that up with historical evidence that while civilization was thriving in virtually every corner of Earth, the savage tribes in Europe that would later become France, Spain, etc, were literally living in caves. Hence, the cartoon Captain Caveman, is HILARIOUS! And so is the long running show Tarzan!

  2. It’s really sad that with all of their superior knowledge some people can’t seem to understand how these jokes, phrases, and dress-ups are offensive.

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