Reading the commentary on columns in the Chicago Tribune makes me feel like my iq drops with each word read, each sentence consumed. Then I feel like I must be a genius compared to those nut jobs who take the time to post such fucking idiocy to the web.

I’m debating a post on the McCain spoof cover by Vanity fair and comparing it to the Obama New Yorker cover. However, I know full well what the consequences may be and frankly I don’t feel like dealing with anyone’s bullshit over my opinion on the matter.

I ask you online folks who have happened upon this page…do you ever just lose hope for humanity after reading the news or comments on news stories? I pick on the Trib again, since they have a couple locations where people can spew their electronic bile far and wide, with no repercussions.

This election has brought out the true ugliness of Americans and I fear it will only get worse. Not so much a political post, but it makes me wonder if the power of the internet has robbed us of our civility, our ability to think critically about the issues at hand? Does that ever thinning shield of anonymity make us type before thinking? Do people even care about the effect of their words, their reactions to things?

Whether it be to feed an internet troll, or put out their views without having to own up to having them in a face to face context; there is a definite lack of thought put into the words that go onscreen lately. After all, an internet identity means little, and can be created in seconds. I think this trend, this lack of civility online is part of this nations decline towards idiocy and poor treatment of others.

More later… but I’m wondering if this lack of online civility is a harbinger of worse things to come…