ICYMI – my talk from @PixelPopFest

The diversity conversation you need, but don't want Diversity is now a checkbox on a lot of lists rather than being about inclusion and making sure everyone is included. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of why we need to actually be inclusive and stop checking off boxes and calling it a done deal. https://youtu.be/s6378DxI8Uw

My @qgcon schedule!

I'm excited to give a talk at this year's Queer Games Conference in LA! Gaming as POC: Where the Industry Has Failed Us, Where It Hasn’t and What to Hope For Abstract: The games industry has not done POC players, or characters well since the first square smacked a paddle in Pong. As the industry … Continue reading My @qgcon schedule!

My talk at @UbisoftMTL !!

Ubisoft Montreal Diversity Tuesdays https://youtu.be/hD5elQmZ6Os I had a chance to speak at Ubisoft's Montreal studio last month. They were kind enough to get me a copy of the video so here you go! Here's the deck I used, in PDF format. Note the YouTube link is unlisted. It makes me really happy that they gave … Continue reading My talk at @UbisoftMTL !!

Excited to visit University of Oregon this week!

It's my last speaking gig where I have to travel in 2016! Excited to visit with Edmond Chang at his campus. Keywords for Video Game Studies: Diversity   Speaker series Date: November 30, 2016 Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm “Why Diversity and Intentional Inclusion Is Needed in Our Games” with Tanya DePass A brief talk … Continue reading Excited to visit University of Oregon this week!