My @qgcon schedule!

I'm excited to give a talk at this year's Queer Games Conference in LA! Gaming as POC: Where the Industry Has Failed Us, Where It Hasn’t and What to Hope For Abstract: The games industry has not done POC players, or characters well since the first square smacked a paddle in Pong. As the industry … Continue reading My @qgcon schedule!

My talk at @UbisoftMTL !!

Ubisoft Montreal Diversity Tuesdays I had a chance to speak at Ubisoft's Montreal studio last month. They were kind enough to get me a copy of the video so here you go! Here's the deck I used, in PDF format. Note the YouTube link is unlisted. It makes me really happy that they gave … Continue reading My talk at @UbisoftMTL !!

Excited to visit University of Oregon this week!

It's my last speaking gig where I have to travel in 2016! Excited to visit with Edmond Chang at his campus. Keywords for Video Game Studies: Diversity   Speaker series Date: November 30, 2016 Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm “Why Diversity and Intentional Inclusion Is Needed in Our Games” with Tanya DePass A brief talk … Continue reading Excited to visit University of Oregon this week!