My @GaymerX East Schedule

Saturday, November 4th Compelling Combat 12:30 pm Panels B - 5411 Blaine Anderson (M), Alex Zandra Van Chestein, Rachel Bazelaise, Tanya DePass Many games have combat in them as a gameplay device or a vehicle for the story to progress, but how many games actually need combat and how many could benefit more without? Let's … Continue reading My @GaymerX East Schedule

My Day 2 of @GaymerX aka I’m on ALL THE PANELS

Saturday, October 1 When Fandom Ain’t Fun – A Frank Talk by QPOC 12:00 pm Panels Room B Queer fans of color are often left out, pushed out and talked over in our chosen fandoms. A lot of times the discourse becomes more about hurt feelings than actually listening to those affected by the racism … Continue reading My Day 2 of @GaymerX aka I’m on ALL THE PANELS

Upcoming Convention Shenanigans…

I'm finally slowing down, a bit on the convention circuit. In a couple of days I'll be on my way to CONvergence with GeekMelange & JesseLex for a few days of fandom, friends and tomfoolery. If you like seeing me on panels, or hey just want to see what these are about, here's a link to … Continue reading Upcoming Convention Shenanigans…

OMG @GaymerX isn’t that far away! – Updated schedule

Ahh GaymerX isn't that far off! I am now on five panels, and that is IT, no more panels for me so I can actually go to panels at my first GX3. ❤ Here's what I'll be on, and I'll be there LATE Wednesday 10/9/15 - Monday 10/14/2015. If anyone wants to meet up while … Continue reading OMG @GaymerX isn’t that far away! – Updated schedule

Updated convention stuff

So I'm on a couple more GaymerX panels and GeekGirlCon is less than two weeks away! GeekGirlCon - Seattle, WA October 10 & 11, 2015 "Stealing White People's Superheroes" Sunday October 11th, 2pm, Room 301/302 Just Added: "Ladies Who Let’s Play" Saturday, October 10th, 1:30 pm Room LL2  GaymerX - San Jose, CA December 11 … Continue reading Updated convention stuff

Hi from your @GaymerX Diversity Liaison!

I'm really, really happy to announce that I am part of the GaymerX staff as the Diversity Liaison for GX3! What does this mean exactly? Well, I'm helping to review programming in order to make sure that panels have a diverse range of speakers, and also that the convention's programming meets the GaymerX Mission Statement; GaymerX seeks … Continue reading Hi from your @GaymerX Diversity Liaison!

Wizard World Chicago, Bitbash and other stuff going on…

I'm returning to Wizard World Chicago for the first time in a long time this year. I'm on two panels, so if you are coming to WWC, I hope you can make it. Image & Info for first panel snagged from @GeekMelange's post on their own WWC posts. Saturday, August 22, 2015 So You Want … Continue reading Wizard World Chicago, Bitbash and other stuff going on…