Thank you to everyone who has posted, boosted and become a Patreon after things took a nasty turn this week. I’m humbled, floored and stunned by the outpouring of support. So what do you get for your money? See below.

For those supporting at a $10 level or more, you get to choose a blog post topic which I’ll have plenty of time to write now. Drop me a line via the Patreon messaging system or via Twitter.

For those supporting at $25 or more, you get a Fresh Out of Tokens mug sent your way, one time. The rest of the months feel free to give me blog post subjects as well.

For those supporting at $35 more, you get the above + a Fresh Out of Tokens tee shirt (sent once).

Anyone supporting at $45 or more gets a Fresh Out of Tokens hoodie in addition to being able to choose a blog post subject.

Supporting at $55 or more gets your pick of a game I will stream, critique and blog about for that month.

Supporting at $75 or more gets you a video blog post! Don’t be shy, be the first to get that perk from me.

Rewards beyond the $75 a month tier are still being figured out, as I want to see to see if anyone would or could support at $100, $150 or more per month and what they would want for their patronage.

So thank you again, and I’m grateful, very very grateful for all the support. It means I can probably keep a roof over my head as long as unemployment comes in as well.

With much love, humility and gratitude,