Episode 55: Emily, Mike and Tanya Need Diverse Disney (and Games)

I HAD SO MUCH FUN Chatting with Mike and Emily! I can’t wait to come back and visit, hang out and talk about Disney, diversity and everything in-between. Listen, subscribe, say hello to the hosts. They are lovely folks and you should follow them on twitter and catch up on the podcast.

Another full episode!,

This time around, Emily and Mike are honoured to be joined by the originator of the I Need Diverse Games hashtag initiative, Tanya! We do, of course, discuss videogames and diversity – there is some Disney in there, too – as well as the un-reality of some holiday destinations, the loveliness of Chicago, the strange fear some folks have of diversity, and why YOU should go ahead and do a podcast.

Yes, YOU.

Only if you want to, y’know.

If you enjoyed our discussion as much as we enjoyed having it – and Tanya WILL return to the nebulous Castle to Castle studio – you can let us know through a Like on Facebook, a Follow on Twitter and Tumblr, a (100% free!) subscription on iTunes, and/or an email, to disnerds@gmail.com – and, as always, enjoy!

Links ‘n’ Stuff:

#INeedDiverseGames on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook

Tanya on TwitterTwitch and Offworld (a fantastic article on the lie of ‘historical accuracy’ in fantasy)

Some of Tanya’s favourite folks:

Emily on TwitterTumblr  Mike on Twitter

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