Asking for a little help to extend my trip after @GXAustralia next year

I’m a Boss of Honor at the second GX Australia taking place in Sydney, 29 & 30 April, 2017! It’s my second time begin a guest of honor at a convention and will be my first time in Australia!


Donate help me spend some extra time in Sydney

GX Australia is covering my flight and hotel. So I’ve reduced my goal by half.

I’m my own boss, but being in charge of a non-profit means little money to spare aside from operating expenses and my Patreon doesn’t have enough wiggle room to save any extra money for a holiday.

Ideally, I’d love to be able to spend a little extra time there, since who knows when or if I’ll ever be able to get back to Australia!

So I’m just looking to raise $1500 USD which will be for additional nights in the hotel, so I can get a mini-holiday in before returning state-side.

When do I need the funds? Not for a couple of months now.

Thank you for helping out with this once in a lifetime chance.

What I did on my summer vacation…

I was on vacation the last week of August and I actually got out and did some fun stuff… first off I had to reinstall Windows XP on my machine a few times since the HD where everything was installed decided to up and die on me earlier in the weekend that started my vacation.

Then on Monday, I went to the Field Museum and saw the Darwin exhibit. Tuesday, I went to the Garfield Park Conversatory and saw Niki in the Garden with HMC. Lovely artwork but too damn hot for a stroll in the garden.

Wednesday was quiet until E and I along with his family took a cruise on the Mystic Blue. The rest of the weekend was good as I got to see Clare for her baby shower before she went back to OH with her honey.

The remainder of the vacation was blissfully quiet, but my first day back to the office was crazy! But I did attend a lunch with the Kenyan Ambassador.

Vacation frustration – Onion article prompts real look into vacation time used in workforce today,0,6614505.story
Vacation frustration

July 30, 2007

“180 Trillion Leisure Hours Lost To Work Last Year,” read a recent headline in the satirical newspaper the Onion. The story was fake news, which is the Onion’s specialty. But at least one advocacy group appears to be taking its reverse logic seriously. Its aim: Less work, more leisure.

Leaders of the Seattle-based Take Back Your Time challenge “the epidemic of overwork, overscheduling and time famine that now threatens our health, our families and relationships, our communities and our environment.”

Their remedy? Congress should mandate a minimum of three weeks paid vacation for all workers.

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