Hey y’all, I want to share the love for other Patreon creators that you may not be aware of. This is a combination of the two signal boosting posts I did over April and May, along with some new names.

Repeating this caveat , because well people. I took in names and suggests from all over my social networks. I’m sure that means there will be someone listed below that you may not particularly like or feel deserves support. Well too bad, this isn’t high school and I’m not here for infighting, If you see someone you don’t care for, there’s a simple solution… don’t support their work.

I do not, under any circumstances want messages, DM’s, etc with OH MY GOD HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT HER/THEM/HIM! This is a post to boost others work and help others get their work seen via the little bit of social capital I have.   The list is long, so it’s under a cut.

Leisha Riddel

Kameron Hurley

Rex Magnus

Nino Cipri



Arkady Rose

Davy Shirley –


Tab Kimpton –

Dina/Petite Mistress

Lynne Triplett –

Harry Bentley –

Asheville Blade

Silvyen –

Nia King

Amy Letts –

Christian Beranek –

Alex Herberling –

Erika Moen –

Sfe –

Christine Smith –

Kat Tanaka Okopnik

Rose Lemberg

Katherine Cross

Mattie Brice

Bloody Honey

Aevee Bee

Merritt Kopas

Elizabeth Simins

Lana Polansky

Mint Chipleaf 

Liz Ryerson


Anastasia Valens


Black Girl Nerds


Robin Billadeau

Alitha Martinez

Ellia Bisker

Andrea Hawkins-Kamper

Katriel Paige

Kimchi Cuddles

NK Jemisin


Madelyn Prager

Arkady Rose

Cami Woodruff 

Mags Visaggs


Black Girl Nerds

Shirley Jackson  

Randi Harper

Kiva Bay

David L Reeves