So, quite a few people are supporting at the $10 level, which nets you the ability to give me blog post topics. I’ve only got a couple replies which I’m working on the next couple of weeks.

But since this is Patreon supported content, ie your $10 per month is fueling these, would you prefer this be content that is posted there but available to everyone in the world. Or – posted yhere but locked to patreon’s only, or on my blog at and mirrored on Patreon?

Upcoming posts are:

  • For Adriano: Signal boosting the works of others
  • For Liz: Which games are doing diversity right?

Also if you are supporting at $10 & up; you too can send me blog topics! Use that nifty message function to send me a note.

I really, really appreciate all you have done to support me, especially in light of my recent job loss. I admit I was at a bit of loose ends about that. So thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me survive and continuing to do the work I am so passionate about.