Ok so I guess I’ll do this year in review thing after all. 2015 has been an interesting year for me, in both good and bad ways. I’m terrible at order (which explains a lot of things in my life) so here’s highlights and a couple lows from this dwindling year.

The year started off  with some gaming for good, where I was lucky and honored to be part of the first #Spawn4Good event which benefitted Eric Garner’s family. There’s a great write up on it in Reality Check; Seeking Racial Justice in Real Life and Games. This was put together by my #Brookago bros Kahlief Adams and Cicero Holmes of the Spawn On Me Podcast.

Winter as kind of light in terms of things going on, but they picked up in spring with me being published in Offworld for the first time in March; “In Fantasy Worlds, Historical Accuracy is a Lie”

Another thing I did was paneling at C2E2 for the first time in April, on not one but two panels. One about being a Black Nerd Girl and always being here (put together by the amazing @ANerdCalledRage!)

(image from: http://womenwriteaboutcomics.com/2015/04/27/c2e2-2015-an-overview-in-photos-part-i/)

I was on another panel on when Trolling goes too far, moderated and put together by Mikki Kendall.

I also took some time off, ie an actual vacation in April where I got to hang out with NK Jemisin and meet Gil Almogi for the first time <3 (he’s a sweetheart, go follow him on social media).


It was pretty cool and I got to see an actual castle!! Ok so not so secret thing, I’m a huge nerd that likes history especially when I can go to places and touch things. 😛

Things were quiet for the next couple of months, with breaks for Wiscon 39, a lot of paneling there and being on ConCom. Then in June, Fresh Out of Tokens podcast was launched with David L Reeves as Producer and me as Editor in Chief.  We’ve had some great guests and already have our January guest roster lined up. We also launched our first listener survey which you can take so we can get feedback and improve for 2016.

I was also asked to join Javier Payano and Matt Lancaster as part of the Chromatic Life Podcast, which lives at the Geeked.fm network. It’s fun and we get to talk about so many different things from our perspectives. We’ve taken a little break but will be back in the new year.

Work was a shit show, and one of the lows for me, which anyone following recently has seen. But October was a total highlight if not omgwtfff busy. I made it to GeekGirlCon and got to panel with some of my favorite people on diversity and superheroes, Twitch Streaming, and I got to meet Zoe Quinn who is awesome, super smart and funny as hell. I got to meet a lot of other cool people at GeekGirlCon as well.

Then, because of #INeedDiverseGames and Fresh Out of Tokens, I was able to go to IndieCade thanks to a grant from Intel, along with David. We had a great time, met a lot of people and got to show off what we do. Also got to meet Jillian of FemHype finally!

Third thing I did in between GeekGirlCon and IndieCade was be part of a new convention in town, ValorCon. It’s a new and growing convention and I’m excited about where it can go in 2016.

IMG_0981 (44)

One of the best things that came from October, is that we are now part of the GDC Scholarship program! We’ve got 25 All Access passes to GDC for distribution. Our deadline to let applicants know is 6 January 2016.

The rest of the fall was quiet with a lot of podcast appearances, all found here. The year ended with GX3, meeting so many awesome people, being involved with a queer con and helping to improve the diversity of an already great convention. That will get it’s own post once the panel videos are up. For now, enjoy a few photos from the GX3 Facebook and my own pics. Thanks to everyone who made 2015 great and here’s to a new, better and even more awesome year!