Diversity Panels I’d Like To See


Great post by @Annalee on diversifying panels and having them actually be diverse in all ways not just the same few go rounds.

Originally posted on The Bias:

Generic “diversity panels” are boring.

I get it: you schedule “Women in Gaming” and “Disability in Genre Fiction” with the best of intentions. You know these are hot topics of discussion in the fandom community right now, and you want your con to add to the conversation.

But these generic panels don’t so much add to the conversation as recap it. It’s impossible to go into a subject as broad as “Race In Science Fiction” in any depth in a one-hour slot, and without knowing how well the audience has educated themselves on the topic, the panelists generally just end up summarizing the background reading.

What makes this worse for panelists is that, as members of underrepresented groups, we’re in high demand for this kind of “diversity homework.” We get scheduled for these panels instead of panels on subjects related to our actual expertise or current projects. While folks with…

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Features I would do a hell of a lot for on @Twitter, what are yours?

Sometimes twitter interactions make me incredibly tired. I get pulled into or @’d into convos I wasn’t following, or part of and someone thought I *might* have something to say about whatever the topic is. Spoiler: 99.9% of the time I don’t have anything to say, or I don’t care. If I cared, I’d actually participate in the conversation of my own gumption and free will.

One thing I’ve noticed is people dog whistling others into conversations, or retweets about THING, where THING = any topic the person pulling others into the chain feels strongly about, wants some kind of response, etc. Maybe this is something people do all the time but it’s a recent development for me.

I loathe it, I usually ignore it, mute the offending person and move on. But lately it’s happening more and more. Even where a person I have blocked has managed to tag me into a chain convo about something. I don’t even know what they started in on, but now I’m getting out of sequence tweets for some conversation I did not consent to being in. I also thought once you blocked someone, they couldn’t @ you. :/ but I digress, I’m tired and annoyed.

So this is my wishlist of twitter features I’d love, love, love to have

  • Once you mute someone they can’t @ you
  • Once you block/mute someone, they can’t @ you and replies where others @ you and a blocked/muted person is in the reply chain; then you can’t be tagged in with an @
  • If you are not mutual followers, you cannot @ someone
  • Asynchronous unfollow mechanism where if I unfollow you, it forces you to unfollow me.
  • Blocking means you can’t find that person/they can’t find you and it’s like on Facebook where neither person can find the other once the block is on
  •  If you are not mutuals with everyone in a group retweet then you can’t be @’d by anyone in the chain
  • Ability to edit tweets for fucks sake
  • Getting rid of the While You Were Away feature. If I missed those tweets 6 -10 hours ago? I don’t care now.
  • Set a limit to how many retweets a follower can do in a day. Tumblr has a similar feature thanks to New X-Kit

Thought of more:

  • Ability to hide your follower/following count
  • Ability to create groups of friends where you can filter content w/o having to choose between locked/public with no happy medium
  • Have allow follow toggle
  • Features only given to “Verified” users available to everyone
  • Give the background image back when viewing Home and your TL
  • Increase follow cap beyond 2,0001 or make the cap more transparent

What features would you want friends?

I did an unscientific tumblr poll on POC OC’s and players in DA fandom out of curiosity, the results are interesting…

I’ll get way more into detail on my Bioware Metacrit blog since this is more Dragon Age related but I wanted to noodle a bit more here before I delve deep into this meta.

So I saw this post on tumblr; the text of which is:

Reblog if your Lavellan Inquisitor is a PoC

just curious to see how many of us have an elf of color.

Which made me curious about the breakdown between POC players and Non-POC players and whether they played a POC protag in any of the three Dragon Age games. So I threw out these two posts, this one first:

If you are POC and have a POC Warden, Hawke or Lavellan, please reblog this post.

Then the flip side of that post which was:

Please reblog if you are NOT POC and have a POC Inquisitor, Warden or Hawke.

Interestingly enough, the post asking if you are Not POC and have POC OC’s, has had a response rate over double the rate of the post asking if you are POC and POC OC’s.

Intriguing results on my unscientific polling so far

Of how many POC have POC Wardens, Hawkes and Inquisitors; count of replies as of this post: 270 notes (including likes)

But the numbers on the NOT POC and have a POC Warden, Hawke or Inquisitor: 681 notes (including likes)

Very, very interesting. I know there have to be more than just 270 POC gamers with POC OC’s out there.

I’ll probably write up something on the responses, response rate, and my own pet theory on why the response rate for NON POC with POC OC’s is 2X more than the response rate of POC’s with POC OC’s to this terribly unscientific, slaking my own curiosity polling.

Thoughts welcome here or whenever I throw these thoughts into one post. For those following along, I am WOC and there’s nothing insidious as to me wondering about this but I am curious.

Since I posted that, there have been some interesting answers and reblog commentary, and the numbers have gone up even more. As I’m writing this post, The post asking if you are POC w/POC OC’s has 414 responses (including likes and comments); whereas the post asking if you are Non-POC w/POC OC’s has 973 responses (including likes and comments)

There have been some reblogs on that non-POC w/POC OC’s with screencaps, and explanations about why someone as a non-POC plays POC OC’s in their dragon age games. Intriguing why people felt the need to explain themselves when none was requested in the post.

To start off, it was simply my own curiosity getting the better of me and now I really want to dig deeper into he totally unscientific poll and resulting responses. Is it white guilt or seeking a pat on the head as a good person who doesn’t lack in empathy and knowing about diversity that leads non-POC folks to play (sometimes exclusively) POC OC’s in games? Is this digital blackface then? The ability to try on the other without consequence? Or a shallow attempt at understanding in the wrong setting? No one is going to understand the POC experience by playing a brown character in the Dragon Age series, since it makes no difference in the narrative of the game’s story.

People also replied with Mass Effect responses and even Guild Wars 2 saying their characters are headcanon/present as POC. Considering the question didn’t ask about Mass Effect or other games, I found that interesting as well. Why go the extra step to throw in a game no one mentioned or reply with a post longer than the original huh, that’s interesting summary on why they played POC OC’s.

I’ll keep collecting responses and probably collate them in an even longer post later.

YAY! Our First Fanmail!!! Thank you @cyberpunkwarlok <3



Originally posted on outoftokenscast:

first fanmailOur latest episode with Comosedicenerd has gotten us our first fanmail! WOOOO!  Transcription below in case that is too small to read:


Hello! I just wanted to say that I really loved your discussion on Dragon Age and the Hawke Immigration piece! I was really pleased that other people put as much personal stuff onto their Hawkes/Inquisitors as I do. I’ve had issues with masculinity in general and as a queer man, something that playing Mass Effect and Dragon Age have helped me with. I just wanted to say that I really loved this episode and I think that Fresh Out of Tokens is really fantastic and you all are doing great work and through this podcast I’ve been introduced to great people in the industry. (Also, if you do ever get the urge to do a Dragon Age feels podcast, I would be…

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@YouTube Gaming is now live! and I’m still fucking frustrated with PC Streaming

YouTube Gaming is now live!

So, YouTube gaming is now live and it’s a pain in the ass to set up I’ve found. Even more than using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) or X-Split (which costs for a decent version). I was really excited for it as a way to easily set up PC streaming easily, and share content from my Steam library instead of just what my Playstation 4 library holds. That was not to be

First you need to set up Encoding, with a “YouTube Live Verified” encoding service such as X-Split Broadcaster/X-Split Gamecaster, El Gato Game Capture HD60 or Wirecast Play. Or if you already have OBS (Open Broadcast Software) installed you can use it but it’s not verified. You can get the full run down on setting up Encoding set up on YouTube’s help/FAQ section.

So I set up OBS, and tried to stream Dragon Age II.  Since there is no start/stop option for this YTG system whenever you  press “start streaming”, your channel goes live. With mine, I apparently streamed about 35 seconds of a black screen and swearing as the game repeatedly crashed to desktop (CTD) every time I clicked “start streaming” in OBS.

The game wouldn’t load until I closed out OBS and closed the tabs with YouTube Live streaming. When it finally did start, the keyboard wasn’t recognized as an input device and I had to exit out anyway.

So my first foray into using YouTube gaming as an alternative to Twitch for PC streaming was a bust. It is not user friendly and seems geared towards those that already have a handle on PC streaming via other means and isn’t really set up to have new streamers be able to figure out the system easily and begin showing content in short order.

There is an FAQ, but it’s written in insider/experienced in PC streaming jargon and is text heavy. Whoever wrote this didn’t consider that not everyone is good with straight text instructions, and failed to include any images for those that may be visual learners. Bad UX and usability consideration right there YouTube Gaming.

For now, I’ll keep poking at PC streaming options, and possibly stick with Raptr or the built in Twitch streaming in EA Origin. There is Steam PC to PC sharing but this is only useful if you want to share content on a local set up in your home with someone who is in another part of the house.

Hopefully YouTube Gaming will update their instructions to more newbie friendly with images in the FAQ and not just jargon laden text instructions that can be confusing to someone unused to the terminology tied into PC Streaming.

Under the cut is the YouTube provided guide in order to Get started with watching your fave games on YouTube Gaming

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Stats, we all like stats right? Ok, maybe just us ^__^


Some stats from the Fresh Out of Tokens podcast before the new episode drops today.

Originally posted on outoftokenscast:

Have some updated show stats before our newest episode drops today.

Overall stats

Overall show stats of this morning August 26th, 2015

Last 3 weeks of Listens

Last three weeks of listens! 1,315!! Thank you so much <3

Actual Top Ten

Top Ten episodes (which is a little misleading since we only have 8 published)


Latest 10 episode stats (which is a also a little misleading)

Listening Methods 08262015

How you’re listening to us!

Where youre at

Where some of you are at! We’ve also got listeners in places such as Venezuela, South Africa, Romania, Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Rhodesia, Estonia, Malaysia, Japan, and many other countries!

Thank you so much for checking us out! So if you listened and like what you’ve heard, please review us on iTunes, Stitcher, send us email at freshoutoftokens@gmail.com or @ us on twitter; @OutOfTokensCast

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I did the thing, my creator Patreon is live! Please support if you can or signal boost if you can’t.

So I did the thing, I updated my personal Patreon page to creator. I want to do work full time. Signal boost if you can?

#INeedDiverseGames has become a full time, second job for me. I want to be able to dedicate the time and resources it deserves from me. To do this, and consider leaving my full-time job with benefits, I need to be able to make rent, etc.

This is different from the existing #INeedDiverseGames patreon, which goes back out to the community. This is so I can take the leap from my day job to full time advocate for gaming diversity.

So here it is, feedback, ideas welcome.