Our GDC Scholarship application will open soon, and there’s an info page in the header bar in preparation for taking applications. Keep in mind that we anticipate getting far more applications that we have passes. Also keep in mind that at this time we can only provide a pass and not assist with travel costs.

Pending our ability to get sponsorship and the outcome of fundraising, we will try to do a GoFundMe or IndieGoGo to assist scholarship recipients.

We are not the only organization in the GDC Scholarship program, so we encourage you to look at other orgs to see if you qualify for their application process as well. Here is information from the 2016 GDC Scholarship page (our link will be added soon)

GDC 2016 Scholarships

GDC is proud to partner with a variety of organizations to support the flourishing diversity in our community through exclusive GDC Scholarship Programs. Below is a list of our partner organizations, through which qualified candidates can apply to receive a complimentary All Access Pass.

Each organization has their own scholarship program guidelines. For more information, follow the links.

If your organization is interested in participating in the scholarship program, please apply here.

2016 Scholarships

Dames Making Games

Game Designers Network India

Game Work Jam Argentina

Global Game Jam