…when several different “accounts” don’t attempt to post the SAME EXACT COMMENT word for word over the space of a few hours right?

First, thank you for the clarification. That said,
You allowed a boogeyman to be created in the minds of people, that not only doesn’t, but COULDN’T truthfully exist, this nebulous entity that lived for nothing more than to put it’s foot on the neck of women in tech. You helped facilitate this image of a cartoonish level of evil, to a public that craves cartoons.
Now that the Frankenstein’s Monster has taken on a life of it’s own and the narrative is starting to slip away from you, all I can ask is what did you expect?
Your frustration here is only a *fraction* of what so many, many people I’ve come to know and respect have had to endure for months now. The feeling of your message being twisted and reshaped in your name and out of your control.
Knowing that feeling, my heart truly goes out to you.
Knowing your hand in so many enduring the same?
I just hope that public discourse about diversity and *actual* feminist issues are able to bounce-back from this influence peddling soap-opera that passes off snark and distributing worthless shame and ruin, for real change.
Because the people that could support your aims are now swinging wildly at a phantom that was *never* there to begin with.
Hey, congratulations about your plug, though.

Look, I’m not stupid, nor am I going to get dragged down in some attempt to argue over a self-created appelation for people doing things a certain sector of toxic gaming culture doesn’t agree with. So save yourself the time and clicks by not attempting to make it seem like I’m wrong for wanting diversity in gaming.

All these comments are going in the trash, where they belong. Next time at least put some effort into trolling? Make it worth my time to read your attempt at…whatever it is you were doing there.