I got asked about my podcasting set up so I figured I’d share 🙂 Please note, I am a total noob at this whole podcasting thing, so don’t think I have all this experience! I’m just excited people wanted to know what I’m using!

podcasting life

Mic  – CAD USB37 Studio Condenser Microphone via Amazon.com

NEEWER Boom Arm Mic Stand via Amazon.com

NEEWER Studio Pop Stand – via Amazon.com

NEEWER Universal Black Shock Mount – via Amazon.com (I recommend because the mic clip on the boom arm was far too small and inflexible to hold the mic I bought)

I use one of two headsets:

Logitech SoundBlaster Sigma (the padding is not that thick on the headset band)

or – Sennheiser CX-300 ii in-ear noise canceling earbuds (ordered via Dell but also available at most electronics retailers)

After the first episode and the attempt to capture everything in one-track;  we are now recording each person’s track in Audacity, and we usually meet over Skype.

David mixes all the audio via Levelator (thanks to Patrick Klepek for that tip!) and voila you have a podcast. 😀