Snagging this from FemHype cause it’s spot on.


Dragon Age Inquisition

About two weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “Fight Club:  How Masculine Fragility is Limiting Innovation in Video Games.” It was a very serious article written in very serious, academic language, and it’s been circulating in some very serious, highbrow sort of ways. I, myself, however, am not a very serious person. I can only maintain the illusion of being academic and adult-like for so long before I turn into a pumpkin. But, pending my inevitable assimilation into the ranks of gourd-kind, I felt I needed to address something that came up in the comment thread of that article.

It’s not uncommon in conversations about diversifying video games to find people who just … don’t want to. They’re probably the same kind of boring, backwards nincompoops who get mad about people liking themselves and people who use “Googled” as a verb. Y’know, staunch enemies of progress. Every cultural…

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