The Chromatic Life

Chromatic life is a podcast where the hosts are as diverse as the the topics. Our aim is to highlight and reflect on issues that affects our society including the representation of marginalized communities in media.

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Show Notes:

Javier Payano – Teacher, Streamer, and now joining the podcasting game

Matthew Lancaster – Host of More Than Bits! Podcast, Geeks In Sneaks, and owner of the Geeked.FM network

Tanya DePass – Fresh out of Tokens host and creator of the I need Diverse Games hashtag and organization


Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata has passed away

Confederate Flag- Bree Newsome, South Carolina takes down the flag 

Jay Smooth’s Classic “You are a racist’ vs ‘What you said was racist’

Church Burnings 

Donald Chump, I mean Trump! 

Critical Game Lab Call for Papers 

What are we playing or watching?

Tanya – Witcher 3
Javier – Fall out New Vegas, Crusaders Quest
Matthew – Forza Horizon 2 and Minecraft/Rayman/Skylanders with the kids

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Hosts on Twitter: 

Tanya: @cypheroftyr
Matthew: @Lanksalot81
Javier: @JavierPayano