Well, it’s begun. There’s an AntiSpore blog started by a woman (because Gods forbid you should assume she’s male) who is claiming that Will Wright is evil, and trying to usurp her G*D’s right as Creator of ALL THINGS.

I left a comment that’s still in Moderation. I guess after the 1000+ comments that were left over the few posts she decided to turn on moderation of comments.

Ma’am, while I don’t agree with any threats made against you and those calling for you to burn in hell for this site and your belief that Will Wright is trying to usurp your G*D’s rights as creator… you should be able to see how a non-Christian or someone who is playing this game for entertainment might see this as taking things too far.

It is a game, not a conspiracy to take over the world, or to over turn Christian Values. I’m no Christian, and I certainly think you are taking this a bit too far, especially taking credit for a way to censor penile like images that may come through in the game. I challenge you to just try the game, or the other game the Sims and see that this is merely a game. Something fun to do, and not a plot to create a bunch of gene splitting mad scientists who will take over the world while the other people of the world are sleeping.

This is simply, silly. It’s taking a game that was made for fun and profit and making it into a demon lurking in the nearest pc. It’s just a game and I think you should step back and realize that and stop making it into a sinister plot.

It’s pretty sad that just about anything that comes out is fodder for people like this.

I may go back for some lulz, but really its sad that someone is so stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to belief and science.

3 thoughts on “The AntiSpore… Say WHAT?

  1. Looks like you ‘highly developed’ science buffs got rick rolled by a bunch of Deists, or at least some guys who know how to prey on those gullible enough to swallow anything.

    So who’s stuck in the dark ages now?

  2. How about no I didn’t read the whole site. If I had I would have gotten the joke.

  3. Sounds like that woman needs a large hard-on collision.

    Ok, I know that was a bad joke, but give me a break! She really doesn’t get it at all.

    I can’t wait for her to take credit for the low ratings it’s getting due to people hating on the DRM. Maybe God put the harsh DRM in to keep people from buying the game!

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