Why Representation matters in #TTRPG spaces

If the text is not readable, it’s an email I got after GenCon, shared with permission from the sender. Hey Tanya! Holy shit. I just wanted to thank you for being at Gen Con. It was my first time at the convention, and as a QWoC in game design interested in making my move into … Continue reading Why Representation matters in #TTRPG spaces

On pointing out things & being critical of media

I really wish people would understand pointing out things does not equal looking to be offended. Or crying racism for lol's. For example, I shared this image from Hellblade on the I Need Diverse Games tumblr as well as on twitter, along with follow up text & table flip gif: Everyone is talking about the perma-death … Continue reading On pointing out things & being critical of media

Nerdgasm Noire #195 – #PantsOfThePatriarchy with @biancajand & me!

In case you missed it live, you can now listen to Bianca and I on The Nerdgasm Noire Network! Episode #195 - Pants of the Patriarchy! Listen on nerdgasmnoire.net or download the MP3 below #FeministDeck art of us by the lovely and talented KivaBay [Download MP3] Topics: On Nerdtastic News, Wonder Woman movie loses director, … Continue reading Nerdgasm Noire #195 – #PantsOfThePatriarchy with @biancajand & me!