Streaming schedule through 10/18

Time to get back to Masquerada! I'll start at 10am CST hopefully until the end, take a little break and get back to Mafia III! Join me at for more Masquerada: Songs and Shadows then really switching gears to Lincoln Clay in New Bordeaux after a break. Then no stream on Thursday October 13th, or … Continue reading Streaming schedule through 10/18

Streaming @MasqueradaGame today

The fine folks who made Masquerada were kind enough to share the build they showed at PAX West with me, so to celebrate the return of my voice and excitement over passing the 700 follower mark on Twitch, I'll be doing two games today. First, Masquerada: Songs and Shadows at 11:00 am CST through finishing it … Continue reading Streaming @MasqueradaGame today