One of my other guest gigs this year is at the final Anomalycon held in Denver, CO March 17-19, 2017. If you’re able to join for this great con, it would be awesome. Really affordable steam punk y’all. Come through. Registration is still open. 

Long schedule is long, so it goes under the cut.

Defense Against the Dark ArtsFriday 9pm

Being an activist, or sometimes just being a marginalized person who exists on the internet, or even writing a character the fans don’t expect, can result in a lot of harassment and online backlash that might even creep into your personal life. A discussion of how to protect yourself and your family as much as possible.

Participants: M. Davis, K. T. Bradford, T. DePass, N. Lightfoot

Care and Feeding of Authors – Saturday 11am

Do you have the unfortunate fortune to love a purveyor of wordsmithing? Authors talk about the best ways to support them. 

Participants: E. Jackson, A. L. Kessler, T. DePass

Open World Mechanics and Storytelling – Saturday 12pm

Open World exploration is big in video games, akin to the enormous storylines of high fantasy novels, with thousands of pages and dozens of characters to track. Our experts discuss storytelling potential realized and lost in these scenarios. 

Participants: T. DePass, B. Johnson

Livestreaming Your Platform – Saturday 3pm

For writers and artists, there are so many options for self-promotion that it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. While livestreaming takes time and skill, it sets creators apart from all of the social media experts with a massive following on Instagram and Twitter

Participants: T. DePass, S. Schafer

AnomalyCon Celebrity Tea Duel – Saturday 5pm

The grandest excitement on stage! Our biggest guests battle each other for the best cuppa

Participants: E. Sedia, T. Bradford, T. DePass, S. Litore, S. Glassman, A. Kristantina, E. Jackson, E. Soderstrom, Presented by Dryad Tea

Video Game Disasters – Saturday 7pm 

Gamers and Storytellers talk about the worst narratives they’ve ever shelled for. 

Participants: T. DePass, B. Johnson, K. Major

F*ck You, Pay Me – Saturday 8pm 

Art is work, and shouldn’t be free. But there are thousands of examples of even big corporations searching for free creative talent. When is enough enough? 

Participants: S. Menzel, S. Tatroe, Aria, K. Wang, T. DePass, M. Gillman

The Messiah/Hero Complex – Sunday 11am

Many stories, video games, and legends revolve around the idea of a young “chosen one” who is going to progress through the hero’s journey regardless of what they do to get there. How much of that story is wrapped up in Christianity embedded in our Western storytelling? What storytelling goes beyond this timeless trope? 

Participants: S. Litore, T. DePass, K.T. Bradford, A. Brooks

We Need Diverse Games – Sunday 1pm

Video games suffer from the same tired old hero: white, grizzled, ruggedly handsome, and impossible capable. His family was probably taken away from him to motivate him as a hero. But we need more from our stories, and more for our money. We need representation. What still needs to be done, and what games are a good start. 

Solo Presentation

The Monster in the Mirror Sunday 2pm

Imposter syndrome. Procrastination. Devestation. Bees. Our authors talk about some of their greatest fears and coping mechanisms. 

Participants: E. Ann, M. Davis, T. DePass, C. Stoll