I had a chance to review Women in Game Development, and I’m happy I had a chance to do so. Thanks again to everyone who contributed and to Jennifer Brandes Hepler for editing this wonderful book!

I Need Diverse Games

WIGD Cover

Women in Game Development

Breaking the Glass Level Cap

Edited by Jennifer Brandes Helpler

Disclosure: I have had the chance to collaborate with many of the women who contributed to this book. Either by writing for them, collaborating with them on projects, having them as a guest on my podcast, or paneling with them at conventions. Prior knowledge of their work has not influenced my opinion of the book. ~ TCD

July 19, 2016

By T. DePass

This book is required reading, not just for young women who might be entertaining the idea of entering the games industry. So often the narrative of women in games is framed around the abuse and harassment they have received in the last couple of years from the public and the industry; but this book puts them back in the narrative.

We get to hear their stories direct from them, unfiltered to know how…

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