Remember, no streaming this week due to some paying work coming my way! So, have some FenQuisitor meeting Hawke in this run of it. I needed to get rid of the Skyhold armor mod that was making all my Inquisitor’s have the same recoloured version of Calpernia’s armor:


I got rid of that one and the next mod in line loaded up which is a grey and green chainmail outfit for elves, modeled after Fenris’ DA2 armor. So enjoy a bit of playing around in chargen for Hawke & meeting her.


For those that may be interested, here are my DA Keep choices for this playthrough:

DAO: Lena Mahariel, Sword & Shield warrior, alive and well


  • Romanced Zevran, he’s alive and well
  • Recruited Dog
  • Recruited Wynne, didn’t fight at temple of sacred ashes
  • Loghain executed by the Warden
  • Recruited Sten, returned his sword
  • Alistair alive, with the wardens and fathered OGB
  • Leliana recruited, and is alive
  • Morrigan recruited, Acquired Flemeth’s Grimoire peacefully, had OGB with Alistair
  • Shale recruited

Decisions summary:

  • Sided with elves, brought Cammen & Gheyna together, saved Halla, told Athras truth about his wife, brought Varathorn the ironbark and returned Deygan to camp [Nature of the Beast]
  • Defeated Branka, Bhelen rules Orzammar, told Ruck’s mother he died, didn’t help Burkel create Chantry, helped Zerlinda reconcile, Dagna goes to study, completed Rogek’s lyrium deal, proved Legion of Dead is connected to noble house, helped Orta join the Assembly [Paragon of her Kind]
  • Supported mages, Irving survived the battle, Did not agree to let Cullen annul circle [Broken Circle]
  • Ser Landry lived, Didn’t do Slim’s (shady) crimewave, Told Bann Sighard about Oswyn, brought scroll to Sister Justine, handled Crimson Oars, helped clear customers out of the Pearl, didn’t do Ignacio’s assassinations, returned amulet to beggar, gave Alfstanna Irminric’s ring, helped Alistair find Goldanna, sent Majorlaine away [Denerim]
  • Helped Redcliffe fight, helped Redcliffe prepare, Connor alive, not possessed, Bella took over tavern, freed Bevin and returned the sword, helped Owen’s daughter escape, Isolde is alive [The Arl of Redcliffe]
  • Did not poison the urn of sacred ashes
  • Anora rules alone [Landsmeet]
  • Warden killed the Archdemon [Battle of Denerim]
  • DLC – Awakening: Killed architect, Nathaniel alive, Amaranthine and Keep protected, Oghren and Felsi reunited. Witch Hunt: Did not follow Morrigan through Eluvian, Warden’s Keep: Gained Power of Blood, Slayed Avernus, Stone Prisoner: Shale is alive and well, Matthias and Amalia alive, Amalia possessed

DA2: Fem Mage Hawke, Romanced Sebastian


  • Joined Smugglers

Act I

  • Fought against templars
  • Returned Saemus to Viscount
  • Killed Ginnis
  • Told Ghyslain truth about wife’s death
  • Didn’t blackmail Thrask
  • Returned cargo to Martin
  • Kelder killed, Danzig killed
  • Idunna killed, solved miner mystery
  • Sent Feynriel to the Dalish
  • Defended Ketojan
  • Karras Killed, Keran reinstated to templars

Act II

  • Didn’t kill Gascard
  • Sided against Petrice and Varnell
  • Discovered Looter of Hubert’s caravan
  • Didn’t encounter Yehven
  • Javaris alive
  • Fought along with guardsmen
  • Feynriel freed and sent to Tevinter
  • Killed Arishok


  • Hawke helped Nuncio, let Zevran Go
  • Rescued Nathaniel
  • Reunited Charade and Gamlen
  • Sided with Mages
  • Handed conspirators to Orsino
  • Allowed Emile to go free
  • Let Keran Go
  • Killed Bone Pit dragon


  • Romanced Sebastian
  • Bethany died while escaping Lothering
  • Carver survived, became a Grey Warden
  • Recruited Isabela, she returned with Tome of Koslun and she is alive & well
  • Friends with Varric, didn’t kill Bartrand, kept lyrium idol shard, helped him discover haunting source
  • Fenris recruited, killed Danarius, alive and well
  • Anders executed
  • Merrill did not stay with Hawke, didn’t destroy Eluvian, is alive and well, clan still alive
  • Aveline recruited, friends with Hawke, married Donnic, still Guard Captain
  • Made Tallis Angry, didn’t kiss her


Legacy: Defeated Corypheus, sided with Larius and found Malcolm’s will

Didn’t do Mark of the Assassin

DAI So far:

Sided with templars, flirting with Bull, just became the Inquisitor and met Hawke.