Here’s some other great initiatives that I think people should look into and support if they can. If I’ve missed someone or you have an initiative or org that could use a boost, please let me know here in comments, DM or over at @INeedDivGms

Brooklyn Gamery: A NY based game studio that created Prism Shell featuring Catt Small, Chris Algoo, and Dennis Liaw. They are doing cool things, y’all should follow them and sign up for their newsletter

Catt Small:  Catt is an amazing UX designer, game dev, usability expert and brilliant speaker. You should follow her to learn a lot about design, dev and other topics. She also gave a great TEDx Talk.

Katherine Cross: Katherine is a lover of games, words, dapper itinerant Valkyrie and games scholar extraordinaire. Her work can be found at Gamasutra, on her own site, Nuclear Unicorn, and  you can also support her work via Patreon.

AnyKey is an advocacy organization dedicated to supporting diverse participation in esports. We hope to foster welcoming spaces and positive opportunities for competitive players of all kinds.

Our current research and initiatives are focused on women in esports — from providing competitive gamers with resources, support, and opportunities, to collaborating with women in the industry, from sectors like game development and broadcasting, to build better gaming spaces. Women have long played an important role in competitive gaming and we are excited to promote, build on, and grow their involvement in the scene.

Our team is made up of industry professionals working in esports, as well as researchers focused on competitive gaming. Morgan Romine, Director of Initiatives, is known for her previous game industry work as co-founder and captain of the all-women professional gaming team, the Frag Dolls, and as the Esports Director for Firefall at Red 5 Studios. T.L. Taylor, Director of Research, is a Professor at MIT and sociologist whose work has focused on gaming. She is the author of Raising the Stakes: E-sports and the Professionalization of Computer Gaming (MIT Press, 2012) which examines the rise of e-sports and she is currently at work on a book about live-streaming.

This project is generously supported by Intel and ESL.

Match 3 Podcast The Match 3 Podcast; hosted by Gita Jackson, Patrick Klepek and Sam Phillips tackles a lot of different topics as they relate to games. They post weekly on Wednesdays, and are always funny, topical and relatable.

Feminist Frequency: Feminist Frequency is a 501(c)3 non profit! All our videos are available to everyone for free without any pesky advertising. Your contributions help sustain Feminist Frequency.Support FemFreq’s work & Subscribe to the newsletter FREQ

Nerdgasm Noire: Nerdgasm Noire is a podcast by five black women who cover pop culture, current issues and a lot of relevant topics. Catch the show live on Tuesdays, 8:45 pm. Support Nerdgasm Noire’s work via PayPal

From their About: Nerdgasm Noire Network is a weekly podcast featuring 5 nerdy women with strong opinions. Listen in live on Tuesdays at 8:45pm CST / 9:45pm EST. We discuss everything from the latest tv shows, books and whether the Apple Vs Android fight will end in tasty cronuts. – See more

Black Girl Squee: Black Girl Squee is a podcast hosted by Inda Lauryn and Dust Daughter to highlight the accomplishements of black women in media, tech and other spaces. Follow @BlackGirlSquee on twitter, and check out their most current episode today!

Black Game Devs

An initiative to have a publicly accessible list of black game devs in the industry available. Hopefully this will stave off the usual, but we don’t know any black devs! Cry when lack of diversity is questioned. To add to the list, go here.