Pax_east_logo-660x340My first day here was a 90/10 split of awesome and awful. My flight was on time, pleasant folks to share my row with, a lot of folks on the flight were also going to PAX, also first time attendees. Ran into Jes S who was on the same flight as me along with her partner. We even landed early!

I was snagged by the lovely Sabriality, got checked in, scooped up Katherine C. and made our way to get badges. I ran into UGRGaming and his folks, so we bummed around with them, had drinks and whatnot before we split up.

I finally got to meet ChachiBobinks & MightyGregDoge for dinner-dinner, and then my 10% awful part of the day kicked off. I’d copped an invite to a pre-party by IGN, so I was going to get a cab. Again things were going great until the hotel concierge told me to smile when I requested he hail a cab. Which is his job. (link goes to my tweets on this, which I’ll not re-hash here. Read if you want my unpleasant reaction) 

I went to the party, discovered the networking convention party thing isn’t for me and returned to the hotel, where I had further thoughts on the smile for me thing. (again, links to a shorter pondering on this smile for me think)

Now I’m up early cause I just came back to the hotel and flopped pretty early out of annoyance and joint pain. Time for some coffee and Aleve since I’m early as usual but I’m not sure I want to pay hotel prices for breakfast, assuming something is open.

Today is expo hall, seeing folks on panels and trying to maybe meet with people after things are over for the day. None of the evening options at the convention are really interesting me.

If you’re interested, follow my PAX East shenanigans over on my twitter. @cypheroftyr