I started to call it a schedule but changed my mind. A lot of the programming for cons I’m going to isn’t finalized yet. So if you go to these cons; there’s a damned good chance I’ll be there.

 Game Developers Conference

March 14 – 18, San Francisco, CA. Attending and being point person for our group of INeedDiverseGames Scholarship recipients. Also working with Diversi and others to collab on some kind of social event for our awardees.

Looking forward to finally meeting some folks I know only from online, and seeing John Epler and Patrick Weekes talk about DAI Trespasser, along with Jennifer Hepler’s summit talk on narrative.


April 29 – May 1, 2016 Southfield Westin, MI Attending as a Featured Guest. Schedule is still up in the air as to panels.

Penguicon is a non-profit, community-run convention for open source software and hardware, science fiction, gaming, DIY, and more.

WisCon 40

May 27 – 30, 2016, Madison, WI

I’m a Programming Co-Chair and GoH Liaison for Nalo Hopkinson, returning Guest of Honor for Wiscon 40. Programming is still being decided, but I’ll not be on as many panels as I was last year. 😐


June 30 – July 3, Bloomington, MN Participating as an Invited Guest! Schedule is up in the air as to panels.