Fenris Shep by pollencount Tanya Shep by Lunardaisyart Tanya Shep portrait

Happy #N7 Day I wanted to just show off two of her Shepards for the day. Also, to talk about why they are so important to me.

Tanya Shepard (bust by lunardaisyart, and by pollencount) is my canon Shep. She’s important because of the fact that I got to play a WOC hero. I got to save the galaxy via proxy and it was glorious. I saw something of myself reflected in a character I was able to shape through the story and it made such a difference to me as I played. Yes, I named her after me but so damned what? That’s the point of an RPG right? To make a character that you can relate to, so there she is.

Fenris Shepard (art by pollencount) is my canon M!Shep. He’s the Shep I let have a Renegon playthrough, and romanced Steve Cortez with him. I didn’t expect to have such feelings over their relationship, but I do. I thought about replaying him with different choices, a different romance option but I can’t bring myself to split up two MOC in love. Sounds weird, but it was so nice to see them happy, see that represented in the game.