So after this week’s episode of Justice Points podcast (#116 Sensible Breasts) & Tzufit’s discussion of the Keep and putting DA2 decisions into DAI, I wanted to do a new World State (WS) dwyercd asked me what it was, and since that would be 11billion tweets, here’s a post.

New WS DAO_DAKeepWarden: Cyrian Cousland, Dead, romanced Alistair


  • Recruited Dog
  • Recruited Sten, Wynne, Zevran, Oghren, Leliana & Morrigan
  • Everyone alive and well
  • Alistair and Anora wed
  • No Old God Baby
  • Grimoire acquired peacefully


  • Brought food to Ostagar Prisoner
  • Cured Mabari

Nature of the Beast (Zathrian vs Lady of the Forest)

  • Sided with werewolves
  • Broke up Cammen & Gheyna
  • Saved the Halla
  • Told Athras about wife’s fate (she’s a werewolf)
  • Brought ironbark to Varathorn (Dalish craftmaster)
  • Returned Deygan to the Dalish Camp

Paragon of Her Kind

  • Branka ended her own life
  • Bhelen is King
  • Killed Ruck, said he was a hero
  • Helped Burkel create the Chantry
  • Zerlinda was taken in by Burkel’s Chantry
  • Told Dagna the Circle was destroyed
  • Didn’t encounter Mardy/have son with Mardy (only possible with M Dwarf Warden)
  • Proved Legion of the Dead was connected to a noble house
  • Returned tome to Shaperate
  • Completed Rogek’s Lyrium Deal
  • Helped Orta join the Assembly

Broken Circle

  • Supported templars
  • First Enchanter Irving survived
  • Did not allow Cullen to annul the Circle


  • Helped Redcliffe Fight
  • Freed Bevin & returned sword
  • Helped Redcliffe Prepare
  • Helped Owen’s daughter escape
  • Connor Alive, Not Possessed
  • Bella owns the tavern
  • Isolde is alive


  • Ser Landry Alive
  • Told Bann Sighard about Oswyn
  • Brought scroll to Sister Justine
  • Didn’t complete Slim Couldry’s crime wave
  • Gave Alfstanna Irminric’s ring
  • Returned amulet to beggar
  • Helped Alistair find Goldanna
  • Cleared customers out of the Pearl
  • Handled the Crimson Oars
  • Killed Ignacio
  • Sent Marjorlane Away

Urn of Sacred Ashes – Did not poison the Urn

Awakening Expansion: Architect allowed to live, Keep and Amaranthine Protected, Nathaniel alive & well, Oghren and Felsi reunited

Witch Hunt DLC: Warden stabbed Morrigan

Wardens Keep DLC: Gained power of blood, Slew Avernus

Stone Prisoner DLC: Shale recruited, alive & well, Matthias and Amalia both alive neither possessed

DA2 from DAKeep

Hawke: Tiana Hawke, Dual wield Rogue, Romanced Isabela


  • Bethany: Circle mage, survived the battle against Meredith
  • Carver: Died leaving Lothering
  • Friends with Varric
  • Helped Varric discover the cause of the haunting
  • Varric did not keep the Red Lyrium idol
  • Recruited Isabela, did not turn her over to the Arishok, she returned to Tiana and she is alive and well
  • Fenris is alive and well
  • Merrill stayed with Hawke, didn’t destroy the Eluvian, her clan is alive. She is alive and well
  • Did not approve of Anders actions at the Chantry
  • Anders alive & well
  • Aveline stayed with Hawke, married Donnic
  • Recruited Sebastian, he did not remain with Hawke
  • Made Tallis Angry, did not kiss her
  • Aveline stayed with Hawke, married Donnic
  • Recruited Sebastian, he did not remain with Hawke
  • Made Tallis Angry, did not kiss her

Prologue – Joined the Mercenaries

Act I:

  • Fought against templars
  • Brought Saemus back
  • Ginnis Died
  • Returned Cargo to Martin
  • Kelder killed
  • Danzig killed
  • Didn’t tell Ghyslain the truth about his wife’s death
  • Blackmailed Ser Thrask
  • Solved mystery of missing miners
  • Idunna killed
  • Sent Feynriel to the Dalish
  • Keran kicked out of the templars
  • Defended Ketojan from the Qunari
  • Karras killed

Act II:

  • Gascard killed
  • Sided with Varnell
  • Sided with Petrice
  • Discovered looter of Hubert’s caravans
  • Didn’t encounter Yehven
  • Javaris died
  • Feynriel freed and left for Tevinter
  • Arishok killed
  • Didn’t encounter Lieutenant Harley

Act III:

  • Hawke offered to help Nuncio
  • Let Zevran go
  • Handed conspirators to Orsino
  • Rescued Nathaniel Howe
  • Reunited Charade and Gamlen
  • Sided with Mages
  • Allowed Emile to go free
  • Gave Keran to the templars
  • Killed Bone Pit Dragon

Legacy DLC: Sided with Larius, Found Malcom’s Will