Dragon Age Keep: DAI World State w/Max Trevelyan

DAI 01 DAKeep

DAI 02 Keep

Inquisitor: Max Trevelyan, Sword & Shield warrior, Romanced Cassandra, took Templar Specialization

Party Members:

  • Dorian stayed with the Inquisition, reconciled with his father, and he is a friend
  • Blackwall recruited and stayed, left prison as a warden, friends with him
  • Iron Bull recruited, saved the Chargers and he’s Tal-Vashoth
  • Cassandra rebuilt the Seekers, Discovered the Book of Secrets, and friends.
  • Didn’t recruit Sera, so no encounter with Harmond and not friends
  • Cole recruited and stayed, is more human, friends with Cole
  • Solas recruited, friends with him (IDK HOW THO’), freed his friend
  • Varric tracked source of red lyrium, friends with him
  • Vivienne recruited, gave her real snowy wyvern heart, friends with her

Exploring Thedas:

  • Did not reach the inner Sanctum
  • Investigated Dwarven Ruins
  • Helped Refugees
  • Gained Cultist’s allegiance
  • Fairbanks revealed to be noble
  • Fairbanks defeated the Freemen
  • Closed the Lake’s rift
  • Ismael alive
  • Captured Suledin Keep
  • Captured Griffon Wing Keep


  • Inquisition Forces were not deployed regularly
  • Jecin and Celeste never met
  • Didn’t contact members of Red Jenny
  • Sutherland’s Company wasn’t formed


  • Calpernia was the Inquisitor’s nemesis
  • Didn’t learn about Samsons armor
  • Told Cullen not to use Lyrium
  • Samson’s armor unaffected
  • Did favors for Du Paraquettes
  • Investigated Calpernia’s past
  • Leliana Inspired
  • Didn’t encounter Calpernia at the temple of Mythal

Wrath of Heaven: Inquisitor accepted that he was Chosen by Andraste

Champions of the Just: Max went to Therinfal Redoubt, templars allied. Ser Barris alive, promoted to Knight-Commander

In Hushed Whispers: the Inquisitor did not go to Redcliffe and meet the mages

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts: Celene rules, reconciled with Briala, Grand Duchess Florianne alive, captive of the Inquisition, Celene alive

What Pride had Wrought: Morrigan drank from the well, Respected temple tradition, allied with guardians

Skyhold Judgments: Inquisitor Trevelyan was a recruiting Judge

In Your Heart Shall Burn: Max Declared for Faith

Here Lies the Abyss: Grey Wardens recruited, Loghain sacrificed

Doom Upon all the World: Cassandra is now Divine

Jaws of Hakkon DLC: Discovered and met Ameridan, Slew the Dragon, Didn’t discuss public perception of Ameridan’s story. (the other two tiles are hidden despite having completed the DLC)

Trespasser DLC: Bull remained loyal, Inquisition retained as peacekeeping force, Stop Solas at all costs

The Descent DLC: Did not save mines (which could be because I failed to beat the boss)