YAY! #INeedDiverseGames is in Sunday Loot again. Thank you so much @FemHype!



Happy Sunday, friends! We’re so glad you’re joining us for another round of projects breaking new ground in the gaming industry. For any new FemHype crew initiates, this is our exclusive weekly series with all the latest news and content that features a goal similar to our own: fostering a safe, supportive, and inclusive culture in video games. What does that entail, you might ask? From a new indie game featuring a fresh perspective to exclusive opportunities for you to get directly involved, the pixelated sky’s the limit!

This week, we’ll be turning our focus to diversity. As you well know, it’s an incredibly contentious subject in this industry, one that sparks heated, often derailing debates. Before you reach for the Advil, take a look at the loot we gathered for you today! We’re covering the people and their projects who are working—with wildly successful results, might we add—to bring much-needed diversity to this culture we’re all ultimately part…

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