Whining under the cut, mostly about fic writing stuff. Just whining, feel free to skip my moping.

I feel like I must attract trolls on my fics or something. Even the ones I co-write with people. There is someone posting some weird, borderline creepy commentary on Seorsus and I’m not really amused.  I don’t get it honestly, the whole I’m going to nag an author and write things where someone has said they didn’t find your comments amusing or even passive aggressive yet you continue to make them? The haha I’m joking/just being sarcastic thing doesn’t fly with me.

Or people who like wrong expositional commentary on what the characters are doing or their motivation, when they aren’t the ones writing the fic.

Mainly stuff like this gets to me sometimes. It really gets to me and makes me not want to write fic, like ever again. The aggravation isn’t worth it. I haven’t even started my Cullrian mini-bang fic, partially because the organization hasn’t really been the best, I’m not thrilled with the communication of the artist or the organizers and I just don’t feel any spark to do it.

Except for co-writing, I think I’ve lost my joy in writing fic. So many WIP’s are languishing in my Google Drive yet when I open them, and try to pick them up I feel nothing. (Insert Nothing from a Chorus Line here). I don’t know…if not for inserting Meneris into the Reflections series with Arkady, I don’t think I’d care enough about any of my Inquisitors to write fic for them.

There’s other stuff I enjoy but don’t have the urge to fic for them. Maybe I’ll replay Mass Effect from beginning to end and see if that kicks the word engine over.