Just a reminder, I’ll be on two panels at C2E2 on Friday, April 24th and Saturday, April 26th!

The random musings of a 1973 Original

So these two panels will be my first C2E2 speaker appearances ever! Thanks to @ANerdCalledRage & @Karnythia for inviting me to be on panels with them. The Blerd panel will be live-streamed AFAIK, once I get a link I’ll post it!

Through Brightest Days & Blackest Nights – A Black Nerd Girl’s Journey

Fri. April 24| 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM | Room S405b

This is no longer Heinlein’s Nerdom. The white-skinned, flowing haired Damsel in Distress is more likely to be the dark-skinned, kinky haired Reluctant Hero. The chiseled, blue-eyed avatar is more likely to have brown eyes and rounded features.
As the Geekverse grows, so do representations of black women within it. Unfortunately, black women still face many barriers towards being accepted as “real nerds.” Our discussion will focus on the past, present and future of the black nerd girl and her place in the ‘Verse.

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