A collation of tweets I did on #IWD17 aka International Women’s Day

For support women out here doing hard work, keeping things going. Say thank you not just today but often. Appreciate their hustle. Realize that women need support every day, not just on this “designated” day to say thanks. Support their Patreons, send $$ their way. The hustle doesn’t end, the work never stops. Especially with what we’re having to live with as an admin in the US. Support all women.

Support the women who aren’t on everyone’s fave list, donate to their causes. Boost their work, say their names. Give them love too. This is important, don’t throw other women under the bus. Don’t hold up your fave as the be all, end all of doing it right. Everyone does things differently, support folks on how they are doing their work. Not on terms you wanna set. Collaborate, share the light.

So give the women in your life love, honor and strength daily. Take that load from them, it’s appreciated. Also support them with $$. To end the thread, reply with your Patreon, Go Fund Me, Kickstarter so I can share them out! Everyday should be