It’s Xmas eve still pretty early so I wanna give a little love & thanks to y’all. This is the extent of my holiday spirit by the way.

To my stream fam, everyone who comes by regularly, lurks or just drops in occasionally thank you. Big thanks to my mod squad!

Thanks to all you lovely twitter followers. Hate followers can get in the sea tho’

Thank you to my supporters! Without you I wouldn’t have a roof over my head this past year. Genki says thanks too!


Thank you to everyone who got me a Ko-Fi, graced me with Paypal donations or gifted me with games & Amazon goodies.

Thanks to everyone who took an article pitch from me this year. Thanks to those who didn’t, keeps me on my toes & humble.

Thank you to board member fam. Y’all are the best & I’m lucky to know & work with y’all. Some of the coolest folks I know.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me, the work of as I struggled the past year to make it viable & keep going.

Thanks to everyone who listened to this past year. Thank you to all our amazing guests we had in 2016!

Thank you to everyone who had me on their podcast or interviewed me about my work. It makes me a bit giddy when y’all wanna talk to me 😍

Thanks to all the folks who brought me out to speak on diversity & gaming at your orgs & schools.

Thanks to for inviting me to be a Guest of Honor at next month! So excited for the convention.

Thanks to for inviting me to be a Boss of Honor at in April! First time going to Australia!

Thanks to everyone who supported in any way. It means we’re still here & doing the work. Thank you so much!

Also big thanks to all who formed the Board of Directors for I Need Diverse Games once we became a non-profit.

Thank you to everyone who I met at conventions this year. Thank you for the kind words & hugs & your thanks. Means a lot to me.

Thanks to my family. Thanks for bringing me on to the staff & seeing things get better each year.

Thanks to everyone who agreed to be on a panel with me this past year. It’s been wild AF getting to panel with such cool people.