So this post is to highlight the work of black women & non-binary folks since some people out there want to act as if we’re not doing anything out here.

Allie Bustion is a fledgling tabletop game designer and illustrator working to create inclusive games and supplementary materials (like character portraits). Current projects are a Prohibition era urban fantasy game, translating the Wicked + the Divine to tabletop, and a Twitch-integrated game inspired by Westworld. You can support and watch development at, watch streams 3 times a week at, or just look at some art at and

Mikki Kendall AKA Karnythia is on Patreon: Hi, I’m Mikki Kendall. I write. A lot. Most of what you’ll see me write is non fiction. My byline has appeared on a lot of sites. From Washington Post to Salon to the Guardian to Time to Ebony…my non fiction work gets around. It shows up in comics, books, on Twitter, and even on TV and radio. What you might not know is that I also write fiction. My work has appeared in FiresideRevelator, and I’ve even posted a couple of stories on Medium. I love writing fiction, but I have always struggled with the idea that it wasn’t really work.

Yvvy – Timecube: I am a Black femme making games about all kinds of things. You can find my work at Timecube on I’ve been on VICEnews for my game Easy Level Life, which showed up in pastemagazine, themarysue, and killscreen, and I’ve also made a small Prince game to honor his passing.

@mmmusings: I have been writing Poldark fanfiction (all hosted on Ao3, which is down right now) for the past year and am now working on an original story called The Townhouse. I’ve a Patreon site — — with details about the work.

Declan Sloane is a young, up-and-coming actor establishing a career in Dublin. Marjorie Maddox is a world-renowned jewelry designer in town for a conference. A chance encounter between the two at a local billiards club broadens horizons and changes lives forever.   A multi-chaptered erotic exploration into desire, sex, boundaries and love. Explicit.  
Junae Benne: Curls + Controllers I am Junae Benne – THE Natural Hair Gamer. I am video game journalist and natural hair enthusiasts. I want to produce bomb content and attend conventions to create representation for the Black Girl Gamer community. It’s so important for me to encourage women of colour to show their geek side.
Thumbstick Mafia: A safe space and community for black women in gaming. Thumbstick Mafia is a partial solution; yes, things have gotten better but we’ve got a long ways to go – in the mean time, what are we going to do about it? I envision TM as a support system and network for black and woc. women in gaming.
Black Girl Gamers: A online community where Black Girl Gamers can unite! No profile pics, no admittance!  [Closed FB Group]

If you have requested, and have not been admitted please check your message REQUESTS.
Keep it sisterly. Feel free to share anything gaming related, self promote. Any questions just ask!  Twitter: @Official_BGG Twitch BlackGirlGamers

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