I’m happy and excited to be speaking about a series that informed my life really heavily, gave me a love of science and showed me that a black woman could be more than a side character when I was a child.

The event is sold out, so I hope you got a ticket! I’ll be talking about Trek with Michi Trota, Matt Peters who I’m proud to be on the Board of the Chicago Nerd Social Club with, and Mary Anne Mohanraj at the Adler Planetarium, and we’ll Boldy Go on Thursday, September 15th


Exclusively for adults 21+, this evening offers you open access, unlimited shows, and unique entertainment every third Thursday of the month from 6:00 pm10:00 pm.With themes that change every month, Adler After Dark is never the same event twice. Reinvent your Adler experience every month with friends, family, or that special someone on a date they’ll never forget!

Calling all Starfleet personnel, Klingons and Borg! Don’t miss the Boldly Go Costume Contest on September 15. Entries will be judged on overall quality, screen accuracy, and most creative. No need to enter the contest if you don’t want—any and all Trek costumes encouraged.

Need some Adler After Dark costume inspiration? Check out some of our photo albums of past AAD attendees! 


Fifty years ago, Captain James T. Kirk and his intrepid crew of the USS Enterprise set out on a 5-year mission, to boldly going where no man—no one—had ever gone before.

Celebrate fifty years of Tribbles, Klingons, Phasers, and Warp Drive, only at Adler After Dark: Boldly Go this fall! Enjoy a Romulan Ale from Ten Forward over the musical stylings of Five Year Mission, or check out the science behind Star Trek with hands-on programs exploring tractor beams, cloaking devices, replicators and more. Whether you’re a Picard or Kirk fan, challenge your fellow Trekkers in a no-holds-barred Team Trivia game, visit the bridge of the Enterprise in our Space Visualization Lab, or check out talks on the cultural impact of Trek and how the shows and movies impacted the lives and work of real scientists.  Explore brave new worlds and geek out over one of the seminal sci-fi franchises of our time only at Adler After Dark!