Reminder – Four Days left to submit panels or talks and @GaymerX wants to hear from our POC community members! ❤

I Need Diverse Games

Call for more programming submissions from our POC community members!

Only Four Days left to submit programming!


I’m putting on my Diversity Liaison hat before I start waving at you for a moment of your time. GaymerX 4 is coming up this fall and programming suggestions are open until July 1st. Convention content comes from the community. We want and need more POC on panels that are NOT just about diversity.

We know there’s a great community of game makers, podcasters, cosplayers, artists, musicians and more who should submit programming items for GX4! There’s more to our stories than being a marginalized identity within another marginalized identity.

We love games, all facets of making them. So bring your knowledge to GX4 and let’s make this year better for representation across all programming and events September 30 – October 2nd

DSC_3878Hello one and all! Thank you for being as excited…

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