So, the letter from IDES confirming I’ve used up my 26 weeks of unemployment came while I was away at CONvergence. The whole extension program was done as of 2013, and my state is in a fine mess when it comes to money, ie we have none. There’s been no budget for a year, and state workers are being laid off left and right due to the budget shortfall.

So this leaves me in a quandry. I’ve not found steady employment since being let go of said day job. A couple writing things here and there, a contract thing that hasn’t yet given me an assignment so I can’t plan on that for reliable income.

Thanks to signal boosting and what not my Patreon is a bit over $1200 a month but that will cover rent and 1, maybe 2 bills. It’s not enough to cover groceries, pet food, transit etc. I’ve got it all laid out on my “Why I’m on Patreon” page. I might make a video, once I don’t look like I crawled out from under a rock after a twenty year nap.

So right now, I’m looking into updating my resume for more games stuff, seeking out paid writing and consulting; and pushing my Patreon more. Also considering cashing out my 403B for a cushion.

So right now, I really don’t know what to do, I’m tapped out more than a little bit and am kind of stuck.

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