On accident I clicked on my Twitter engagement thinger while poking around… and found some interesting stats* for my main account, cypheroftyr.

These are my overall engagements for the last 28 days, as of today (June 6th)

my twitter analytics cypheroftyr June 6th


This shows stats according to “Lifestyle” not sure what metrics twitter uses for this but it’s kind of interesting.

lifestyle twitter cypheroftyr June 6th

This last one I got a screencap of is my audience based on interests and occupation. Not a whole lot of surprises in this considering who I follow and among those who follow me.

occupation interests cypheroftyr June 6th


I won’t post this stuff often, but I found it kind of neat and interesting.

stats* = I am horrible at stats, like I had to take it 5 times in university to scrape a passing grade. So the fact that I got sucked into analyzing this data is kind of hilarious.