You read that right, I’ll be at AnomalyCon in 2017 as a Spotlight Guest!

Check out the convention, see the other fine folks I’m going to be there with, and hang out in lovely Denver, CO with us next March 17-19, 2017

AnomalyCon Mission:

AnomalyCon was formed by members of the Colorado Steampunk community, but embraces all Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction in its programming.

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and creative educational entertainment space for geeks and fans that represents the intersectionality and diversity of experience in our local community and the world.

Our policies, programming, guests and themes reflect this mission to Steampunk (and SciFi) Better!

AnomalyCon 2017 registration is live!

Also, check out the conventions policies! Great to see their Anti-Harassment policy as well as knowing there is no filming or photography allowed without consent.

A big thanks to Kronda Siebert for the invitation. So excited to be a guest next year and to revisit Colorado. <3