I’ll be speaking on panel “Debating the Future: Otherness and Privilege in Star Trek”! on Saturday, May 7th at a Celebration of Star Trek.

Join us at this free event for a full day of panels discussions, screenings, games, events, masquerade, music, comedy, and hear from our special Keynote Speaker Brannon Braga! And more!
This is open to the public! Visit www.mcsdepaul.com/a-celebration-of-star-trek.html

Contact: popcultureconference@gmail.com for more information!


Tanya is a long time gamer, fangirl, fan-ficcer and spawn point of the‪#‎INeedDiverseGames‬ hashtag. She enjoys talking, reading and writing about gaming diversity, feminism, race & racism, fandom as a way of life and many other topics. She often streams on twitch and podcasts over at Fresh Out of Tokens with David Reeves.‪#‎trekdepaul‬