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Dark Matters


@cypheroftyr has no idea we are posting about her today so keep it on the low.

This truly lovely and revolutionary blerdgirl would never brag on herself, so in case you have no idea who she is, here’s what matters.

@cypheroftyr is a secret superhero. She has been tweeting since 2008 and serves as a @GaymerX diversity liaison, EIC of @OutofTokensCast, and co-host at @ChromaticLifeFM.

Her superpower is unity.

She created #INeedDiverseGames as a simple and effective way to draw marginalized folks into the gaming spotlight and lovingly dismantle the hilarious stagnation that seeks to keep gaming culture frozen in time like some weird-ass, eccentric billionaire in a cryo-coffin.

Q: How badass is that? A: ALL OF THE BADDEST & ALL OF THE ASSEST.

When we last tuned in, our shero found herself suddenly liberated from her soul-sucking income situation. Though by night she engages in her fight against tyranny…

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