This weekend, the fine folks behind the Spawn on Me are doing another charity stream, this time focusing on reproductive rights.


#SPAWN4GOOD is a platform that we hope to expand to give gamers ways and initiative to do good in the world. A platform with which to talk about social issues that the great gaming community isn’t addressing. Especially those affecting gamers of color and underrepresented groups.

In our first effort we shared raised over $5K to combat police brutality. This year we’re doing something a little different.


I’ll be streaming 2pm – 8pm on Saturday January 16th and 9:00 am – 1:00 pm on Sunday January 17th. Games I’ll be streaming are not yet finalized. However I will be streaming Carly Kocurek’s Choice:Texas probably on Saturday afternoon.

Streaming options are:  Cibele by hentaiphd,  Read Only Memories by Midboss, Dragon Age II or another game from my list.

You can watch live streams of everyone participating at the SpawnOnMe blog.  If you can’t drop by over the weekend, you can still donate and signal boost: Funds donated during our gaming fundraiser will go to The National Network of Abortion Funds. If you’d like to donate or spead the word please use this link:tinyurl.com/s4g2016