Hi all,

So this is a blatant plea for help. Not even of sorts, as I first had in the title and edited out; but I’ve had an epiphany today that I can’t keep doing my day job and INDG. I am unable to give the work that #INeedDiverseGames requires the attention it deserves and maintain a demanding, unfulfilling and frankly bad for my mental health situation at my day$job.

Full details under the cut but here’s a link: Support me on Patreon

It’s a lot to get into in a public blog post but I’m really unhappy. I’m simply unhappy with my day job and it’s doing nothing but dragging me down. I feel like there’s a target on my back anyway. Now you might say why not let them just can you and get unemployment? Well I’d rather not have a firing on my record and I don’t want to fight for unemployment because it’s draining. It happened once when my old university job canned my ex-boss then cleaned house of people he brought in.

Something has to give and it can’t be my mental health, again. I’ve had to take FMLA leave because of an abusive work situation before and while the current job isn’t quite veering into abusive territory, it’s not healthy for me here anymore. Between losing my exempt status, being unsupported in what I do while still getting conflicting messages of expectation or other things, I just can’t remain here any longer.

This is on the Patreon page, but realistically if I don’t have about #2200 – $3000 coming in monthly I will be stuck in a job that feels like it’s slowly killing me.

I need to be able to make rent, etc. I outlined this in a recent post on my blog, and I’ve copied some of that below. Ideally I would need at least $2200 – $3000 a month coming in to cover the following

  • Rent $925 a month
  • Bills, including internet, electricity, cooking gas, etc. ($650)
  • Pet costs ($125)
  • Groceries ($350)
  • Transit costs ($100 a month, unlimited rides on CTA)

INDG related Travel & Doing cost of business expenses (which could also be pulled from the INDG Patreon for specific reasons/conventions)

So please, if you can support, even a dollar from each person who follows me on twitter, or two from everyone who follows me on tumblr would help me meet my goal so I can leave this place behind.

Thank you

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