Sometimes twitter interactions make me incredibly tired. I get pulled into or @’d into convos I wasn’t following, or part of and someone thought I *might* have something to say about whatever the topic is. Spoiler: 99.9% of the time I don’t have anything to say, or I don’t care. If I cared, I’d actually participate in the conversation of my own gumption and free will.

One thing I’ve noticed is people dog whistling others into conversations, or retweets about THING, where THING = any topic the person pulling others into the chain feels strongly about, wants some kind of response, etc. Maybe this is something people do all the time but it’s a recent development for me.

I loathe it, I usually ignore it, mute the offending person and move on. But lately it’s happening more and more. Even where a person I have blocked has managed to tag me into a chain convo about something. I don’t even know what they started in on, but now I’m getting out of sequence tweets for some conversation I did not consent to being in. I also thought once you blocked someone, they couldn’t @ you. :/ but I digress, I’m tired and annoyed.

So this is my wishlist of twitter features I’d love, love, love to have

  • Once you mute someone they can’t @ you
  • Once you block/mute someone, they can’t @ you and replies where others @ you and a blocked/muted person is in the reply chain; then you can’t be tagged in with an @
  • If you are not mutual followers, you cannot @ someone
  • Asynchronous unfollow mechanism where if I unfollow you, it forces you to unfollow me.
  • Blocking means you can’t find that person/they can’t find you and it’s like on Facebook where neither person can find the other once the block is on
  •  If you are not mutuals with everyone in a group retweet then you can’t be @’d by anyone in the chain
  • Ability to edit tweets for fucks sake
  • Getting rid of the While You Were Away feature. If I missed those tweets 6 -10 hours ago? I don’t care now.
  • Set a limit to how many retweets a follower can do in a day. Tumblr has a similar feature thanks to New X-Kit

Thought of more:

  • Ability to hide your follower/following count
  • Ability to create groups of friends where you can filter content w/o having to choose between locked/public with no happy medium
  • Have allow follow toggle
  • Features only given to “Verified” users available to everyone
  • Give the background image back when viewing Home and your TL
  • Increase follow cap beyond 2,0001 or make the cap more transparent

What features would you want friends?

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