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Show Notes:

The Chromatic Life (a podcast where we hit high notes on topics in diversity)

  • Javier Payano – Teacher, Streamer, and now joining the podcasting game
  • Matthew Lancaster – #TokenWhiteGuy from the More than Bits Podcast and brainchild behind Geeked.FM.
  • Tanya DePass – From Fresh out of Tokens (Creator of the #INeedDiverseGames hashtag and organization)

GUEST!  – Quinn Murphy


  • Tanya in Playboy
  • Pixels – What a piece of frosting covered shit served up as an attempt to bank on nostaliga.
  • Stop trying to inspire me Internet!
  • #SandraBland #SarahLeeCircleBear
  • #EmptyChair, Cosby’s accusers on cover New York Magazine

    What are we playing?

  • Quinn: ESO, Skull Girls, MKX, Watching Hannibal
  • Tanya: Witcher 3, Journey, Bastion, MKX
  • Javier: Fable Trilogy, Saints Row 4, Crusader’s Quest, Destiny, Watching Steven Universe
  • Matthew: Forza Horizon 2, Witcher 3, Angry Birds 2, Installing Windows 10 on all his Machines

Shout out to JP Fairfield from Nerdgasmnoire and Operation Cubicle

E-mail us @ chromaticlifefm@geeked.fm if you’d like to guest, ask a question, or suggest a topic!

Your hosts can be found at:

  • Tanya: @cypheroftyr
  • Matthew: @Lanksalot81
  • Javier: @JavierPayano