Assassin's Creed

One of the recent issues in the gaming industry that has been at the forefront of arguments is representation, especially in terms of gender, sexuality, and race. Some developers, when asked about why there are not more women, people of color, or LGBTQIA+ characters, offer the same excuse: there were no people like that at that time and place, so it wouldn’t make sense to put them there. This shows up in games like Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher, and many others. Hearing this always sends a shiver of irritation up my spine as someone who was working on a Masters in History, focused on the Middle Ages. I can say that those developers are categorically wrong.

I think the problem lies in a few areas. One of the largest stumbling blocks in this is the white man-centric nature of the historical narrative that gets taught. When history becomes simply…

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