Ever have a crossroads moment in life? Like you see several options ahead of you but can’t decide which way to turn? 

One path is to really push Patreon + writing freelance into enough to live off and quit my day$job. Another is hang in with all the crap ass changes at day$job, use tuition benefit for a couple terms and then go back to school FT.

A third option is to stay in higher ed for now, but get out of current uni job. Maybe find something where I can use my STEM degree.Or go after a games job, full time or at least enough to pay the bills and have a bit left over. Relocating is also a consideration. The relocation piece is tough for a couple reasons. I grew up in Chicago, my partner of 15 years is here & he’s bought a place. So I wouldn’t expect him to try and sell in this market to come with me for something that may or may not pan out. If we were married it would be a lot more difficult. But I could pull up roots and go for the right gig. The thought is just scary.

Another option is to monetize what I’m doing with streaming, etc and save all that for a cushion in case anything falls apart. I’ve made a lot of great connections via the diversity in gaming work and that’s lead to writing opportunities, etc. But cost of living and the necessity of a place to live, electricity, water, food, etc means I can’t just go pursue dreams with naught but hope and a laptop. :/

So I dunno, this is more of my usual am woolgathering in real time about stuff running around in my head. Making decisions is hard, weh.

This post collated from some early am nattering on my part. Thanks to eshat0n for the gif.